The EU-funded “Water and Environment Support (WES) in the ENI Southern Neighbourhood region” project, is supporting Jordan’s water sector in its on-going efforts to reduce non-revenue water (NRW), and contributing to improved network efficiency, service provision and increased cost recovery, by implementing an activity on the subject since 2022.

Following the related Consultation Workshop that was held last March in Amman, the WES team of water experts have successfully organised a Consultation & Validation Workshop of the draft NRW policy paper on the 12th and 13th of September 2023, in the Dead Sea, Jordan.

The Workshop brought together the WES experts and the 13 members of the NRW technical taskforce that were nominated from the relevant institutions and personnel from the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, the Water Authority of Jordan, the Project Management Directorate (PMD), the water utilities, in addition to representatives of the donors that are active in the field of NRW reduction and management.

During the Workshop an overview of the WES national activity in Jordan along with the draft NRW Policy were presented.

A long discussion on the draft NRW policy document followed, during which the participants gave their valuable feedback to contribute to its review/improvement and its customization while ensuring its complementarity with the water sector existing NRW strategy and action plan.

Mr Udo KACHEL, Senior Expert in NRW management and Policy formulation, International Expert of the WES project during his presentation underlined the importance of a strong institutional framework, able to manage, monitor and control the implementation of the huge funds made available to reduce the NRW levels to acceptable levels. Capital investment alone will not be sufficient for a sustainable NRW management, a collaborative approach using reliable data, based on a real metering and measurement regime and involving all concerned business units is needed to address the complex issue of an effective NRW management. All activities have to incorporate an increased private sector engagement, based on a partnership which essential to utilize the strength of both, public and private sector.

The National NRW strategy and the NRW policy paper provide the needed orientation and guidance to achieve the set targets.

WES is proud to assist the Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation in the elaboration of a non-revenue water policy that builds on the real situation and lessons learnt from pilot projects and other works in Jordan and sets clearly defined rules for the development and implementation of NRW reduction and control, goals that are consistent with the proposition of Jordan’s national strategy for water.