Environment Activities


HE-2-REG: Awareness raising and Education for Sustainable Development: Training of Trainers on campaigns for sustainable consumption

This regional training will address Ministries of Education, Environment, Water, Development, etc., agencies and organisations of educators, as well as relevant CSOs/NGOs. It directly supports the UfM SCP efforts in the region. Through this activity a large number of educators of primary and secondary schools in the Partner Countries will be indirectly reached. It will also support the Partner Countries in the implementation of the Action Plan of the Mediterranean Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development.

HE-4-REG/P2P: Overall environmental governance - promotion of the Aarhus Convention in the whole of the Mediterranean

Provision of timely and accurate environmental information to society and the encouragement of citizens, organized stakeholders, private sector, municipalities and the media to be involved in activities and initiatives for the protection of the environment and natural resources (water, biodiversity, etc.) is crucial n the Mediterranean region. This activity will address mostly officials of Ministries of Environment and Water but also governmental departments dealing with International Conventions as well as key environmental NGOs.