The action is built on the sound experience of WeWorld – GVC Onlus (WW-GVC), Technische Universität Berlin (TUB) and Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG) in water management in the Southern Mediterranean region and particularly in Palestine.In a water-scarce territory whose vulnerability is exacerbated by its unstable geopolitical setting, GAZA H2.0 project represents a sustainable and pioneering initiative to promote efficient water supply, water loss reduction and knowledge transfer, enhancing the resilience and ensuring safe access to water for the population of Khan Younis in Gaza Strip.

Specifically, the project aims at reducing water losses in the supply system of Khan Younis Municipality therefore increasing the availability of water through the application of sensor- and analytic-based approaches and improving water resources management and efficiency through Smart Water Networks pilots in two neighborhoods of Khan Younis municipality.

The action intends to improve the livelihood conditions by reducing water losses and water costs for the population of Khan Younis city and Khan Younis camp. The action will also improve the knowledge and the governance of water service providers and national water regulatory institutions in the Gaza Strip towards an innovative approach of smart water networks to establish milestone and facilitate future investments on water regulation’s sector.

As all WW-GVC interventions, also this project will adhere to a gender mainstream approach, in line with the “Gender and WASH Toolkit for Palestine” developed in 2017.