Water Activities


RW-2-REG: Training on water accounting

WES will provide technical assistance and strengthen the capacities of the non-EU Mediterranean countries to implement effective measures to phase out Single Use Plastics (SUP). In this framework it will support WES Partner Countries in the formulation of the most appropriate and regionally harmonized measures/policy instruments to phase out Single Use Plastics and promote a circular economy. The activity will also contribute to the co-development of a set of guidelines to address Single Use Plastics in the Mediterranean.

RW-3-REG/ P2P: Capacity building on (1) Water demand management & methods of water conservation; (2) Policy instruments for water use reduction including tariff models for water/wastewater and agriculture; (3) Cost effectiveness analysis of Water demand measures, Rain water harvesting and grey water reuse; (4) Role of the private sector, rebate programs and corporate social responsibility.

Technical assistance will be provided to address microplastics intentionally added in products or production processes through a user friendly publication. This capacity building activity will address mainly policy makers and will aim at giving them an overview of the different aspects of the microplastics issue. It will also highlight specific solutions that could be of relevance particularly for southern Med Countries (from policy to technological developments).