Oxfam and its partner, the Palestinian Environmental Friends (PEF), will strengthen water resource management through an innovative water management model for agriculture in the Gaza Strip by establishing Treated Waste Water Reuse (TWWR) recovery wells and efficient water irrigation resources including the promotion of climate smart agriculture that can be replicated and scaled up in OPT and in other similar contexts, including the MENA region. The model will integrate sustainable institutional and technical solutions and mechanisms through an efficient governance system, legal framework, tariff system, and community-based monitoring and management system. The proposed action will ultimately contribute to the promotion of resilient and efficient water solutions to climate change challenges in OPT

The action will protect the conventional water resources through the promotion non-conventional water resources (treated wastewater) and the reduction of water losses through innovative climate smart practices (drip-irrigation, shading nets and greenhouses).

The action will contribute to ensuring sustainable sources for irrigation to approximately serve around 120 HHs / 300 dunums in Al Fukhary and contribute to decreasing water stress in the Gaza Strip by improving groundwater quality by decreasing the stress on ground water wells, and providing an alternative source of water to support agricultural productivity. Targeted farmers of Al Fukhary will be able to increase agricultural productivity, reduce their production costs, and potentially improve the earning potential of medium-scale farmers in southern Gaza Strip.