Start of the first WES activity in Tunisia

After months of preparing the numerous WES activities that will be implemented in the coming three years, we are proud to announce that the first activity, entitled “Technical Assistance for Pollution Prevention from the tomato processing industry in the coastal region of Korba” had its kick-off meeting on 14 May 2019.

The meeting took place on-line and was attended by 20 participants, including the EUD representative, representatives of the Tunisia Ministry of Environment and the National Agency of Protection of the Environment (ANPE). The meeting was organised by WES and was attended also by the Non-Key experts from the consortium partners GOPA and MIO-ESCDE,  which are responsible for the implementation of this activity.

The objective of this first WES activity in Tunisia will be to reduce environmental impacts linked to the agro-food processing industry of tomatoes in the coastal region of Korba. This region is rich in biodiversity and highly threatened. The activity is particularly aiming at the introduction of measures to optimise the consumption of resources and to reduce environmental pollution linked to the industrial processing of tomatoes.  It will also set up an environmental monitoring system for the tomato processing industries and launch a process for a sectoral framework agreement for the sustainable management of resources. The activity will be implemented during the coming 18 months.