As part of a national activity of the EU-funded WES project in Algeria, a ‘demonstration course’ on green entrepreneurship has started running from March till June 2022 for students from the University of Boumerdes. The course will be delivered in 12 sessions both physically in an auditorium of the University and also via videoconference.

On the 16th of March 2022, officials addressed the students during the opening session of one of the course sessions, stressing the significance of this collaborative effort and how it links with Algerian, Mediterranean and global priorities related to circular economy, sustainable development and green entrepreneurship. Among them were Prof. Mustapha Yahi, Rector of the University of Boumerdes, Mr. Ali Kratbi, Central Director of Cooperation, Ministry of the Environment, Prof. Michel Scoullos, the Team Leader of WES, Ms. Malika Bouali, Director General of the National Conservatory of Environmental Training (CNFE), Ms. Faiza Ameziani, Deputy Director of Urban Environment, Ministry of the Environment, Mr. Aksas Hammouche, Head of the Process Engineering Department, University of Boumerdes and Ms. Marta Junquera, Expert in Consumption and Sustainable Production, WES-Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC).

This ‘demonstration course’ is embedded within a Training of Trainers programme on Green Entrepreneurship and Circular Economy whereby university professors and staff from the CNFE are being trained since last year on how to deliver the course and support students who are to obtain their master’s degree in environmental studies and wish to become entrepreneurs in green and circular economy in the future.

These trainings are undertaken by WES consortium partner SCP/RAC (Regional Activity Centre of UNEP/MAP for Sustainable Consumption and Production) in collaboration with the SwitchMed project, the CNFE and the University of Boumerdes. All course materials are uploaded on the Algerian Center of Circular Economy (CALEC).