The Water and Environment Support project in the ENI Southern Neighbourhood region aims at protecting the environment and improving the management of scarce water resources in the Mediterranean. It tackles problems related to pollution prevention and water use efficiency. This new project capitalizes on previous successful EU funded programmes like SWIM-Horizon 2020. The WES Partner Countries, where most activities will be implemented, are Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Libya, Palestine and Tunisia. Regional activities of the project are also open for Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mauritania, Montenegro and Turkey.

The first WES Steering Committee was organised on Wednesday 26 September 2019 in Athens. The Steering Committee consists of representatives of the relevant Ministries of the Partner Countries, WES institutional partners, representatives of the consortium members, the project’s Key experts and observers.  During the meeting the activities and workplan of WES were discussed and endorsed. All related documents and the workplace can now be found at the library.