Increased urbanization in the MENA countries has resulted in significant reduction of recharge to the groundwater sources and an increase in storm water flows with the related negative consequences.

As part of the Water and Environment Support (WES) project, a Regional Activity focusing on ‘Water Harvesting including through retention & aquifer recharge with storm water’ (RW-4-REG) was organised involving designated participants representing different stakeholders from the WES Partner Countries (PCs), namely Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, and Tunisia.

Topics such as natural water retention, irrigation, floods, biodiversity and climate change adaptation were addressed during this Activity, via a 5-day on-line Regional Training (October 2021) and 6 half-day on-line Peer-to-Peer sessions (December 2021-June 2022).

We are pleased to share with you the WES Information Bulletin, to give further details to stakeholders, about how WES prepared and delivered this activity.

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