Regional Training on Phasing out single use plastic items in the Mediterranean

Regional Training on Phasing out single use plastic items in the Mediterranean

Plastic pollution is one of the major pollution problems of our times that damages the environmental, economic and cultural values of the natural environment. In particular, the issue of marine plastic pollution has been characterized as the new millennium’s tragedy of the commons, as it poses a complex and multi-dimensional challenge with significant implications for the marine and coastal environment and human livelihoods all over the world.

The purpose of this regional WES training, which will be held in the form of a webinar over four days in January – February 2021, is to strengthen the skills and capacities of the participants to identify, prioritise and operationalise targeted measures to phase out Single-Use Plastics (SUPs).

The training will enhance competences in terms of:

Technical aspects of SUPs (definitions, types, pathways, impact, etc.)
Analysis of baseline situation: production, consumption, leakage of SUPs into the environment, etc.
Identification of SUPs of concern in each partner country
Pros/cons of alternatives to SUPs
Policy options to reduce and better manage SUPs
Impact assessment of policy options
Policy and decision-making based on sound scientific evidence

The regional training will contribute to the development of the Regional Guidelines on measures to phase out Single-Use Plastic items, that will eventually be adopted by the Barcelona Convention at the next Meeting of the Contracting Parties in 2021.

Training details

The webinars will use a virtual platform that allows for live interaction and break-out groups. Various presentations will be made by WES experts.

The on-line training will consist of 4 consecutive 2-hour webinars spreading over 2 months as follows:

Webinar Module 1:  13 January 2021|     The problematic of single-use plastics

Webinar Module 2:  28 January 2021|     Responses to single-use plastics

Webinar Module 3:  11 February 2021|  Feasibility and impact of measures in the Mediterranean

Webinar Module 4:  25 February 2021|  Towards regional guidelines


From each of the WES Partner Countries, the following 5 persons are expected to participate:

2 policy persons from the Ministry of Environment (dealing with plastics regulation)
1 policy person from the Ministry of Industry (dealing with the plastics industry)
1 person from the productive sector (plastics producers, relevant association) or academia
1 CSO representative (environmental NGO, consumers’ association, women's group, youth group). This trainee can be identified in collaboration with SwitchMed and the Bluegreen project and its network.

From the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Turkey) two persons per country are expected to participate.

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