Brainstorming meeting Demonstration projects

Brainstorming meeting Demonstration projects

The Demonstration projects on Efficient Use of Water are providing a unique opportunity to demonstrate practical methods, approaches, and tools that are effective, useful, applicable and replicable, while at the same those projects will play a pivotal role in providing good practices and to disseminate knowledge.

Each Demo project will be monitored and supported by WES, not only from a technical point, but also from a “communication” capacity building perspective, in order to maximise its visibility and knowledge dissemination.

Therefore, for each Demo project WES will conduct external monitoring and provide relative technical assistance. In particular:

  • External monitoring of the Demo projects to provide feedback on the progress being made towards achieving their goals and objectives and highlight issues needing to be taken into account in order to reduce the likelihood of experiencing major challenges.
  • Regarding the provision of technical assistance, it is envisaged that it will be given if requested to assist the Demo projects on achieving their objectives, meeting their respective planning and ensuring appropriate use of resources.

Information collected on the Demo projects will be shared with each WES Water Focal Point (FP). As such, the FPs will benefit from having a regular update on the progress of the demonstration projects with a focus on replication and on assimilation of the demonstrated approaches and technologies within the country where the projects are being implemented.

The objectives of supporting the Demo projects are the following:

(1) to perform regular “soft” external monitoring for each Demo project;

(2) to provide ad hoc assistance to the Demo projects to assist them achieve their objectives and meet their respective planning;

(3) to provide a framework that will enable an organised flow of information that serves management of the Demo projects (from previous and current phase), their accountability and learning purposes;

(4) to support communication capacity building, promote the visibility and disseminate the results of the demonstration projects.

In view of the above, WES is inviting you to register for the “Demonstration projects brainstorming meeting” on Tuesday 23.02.2021, 13:30 – 18:00 EET. The meeting will be held online via Zoom. Working languages are English and French and simultaneous translation will be provided.

To register for the meeting, please click here below.