UfM Water Expert Group Meeting on Water Agenda and Financial Strategy in post-COVID 19 context

How can Mediterranean countries effectively address the COVID-19 emergency, without neglecting long-standing sustainable development challenges and water commitments in particular? What are the water agenda-related investment strategies that can promote climate resilience and sustainable development targets, while also helping to deal with the crisis and assist immediate recovery?

The COVID-19 crisis clearly demonstrates the inextricable link of health with access to safe water and hygiene. Implementing water efficiency options and intensifying efforts to improve the good chemical, quantitative and ecological health of all waters can increase water availability for all uses, including sanitation services, and contribute to enhancing environmental health and strengthening the resilience of societies. Improved water governance and sustainable financing instruments are key in order to create an enabling environment.

Aiming to assist with this demanding endeavour, the Water, Environment and Blue Economy Division of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), WES Team leader professor Michael Scoullos participated in an online consultation with UfM Member States, international institutions, regional organisations and civil society on 9 and 10 June. You can find here, the agenda and the presentation.