Athens, 4 September 2020

The first WES regional training on Water Accounting that was scheduled to take place in June in Athens, will now take place between 12 – 26 October 2020. Due to Covid-19 crisis the event will be organized online via an on-line platform. The sessions will have the possibility for participants to take the floor, share their screens and simultaneous interpretation will be running in parallel within the same platform.  The training will have various sessions that are organized during different days.

The purpose of this regional training event is to introduce water accounting as a tool to achieve integrated water governance and a sustainable water balance and to capture its important role in water monitoring and is open for water experts within relevant ministries and the statistical offices of the WES Partner Countries.  Participants will get a comprehensive introduction to the overall concept of water accounts (environmental and economic components), to learn about the benefits of water accounting and the use of water accounting outputs (e.g. UN SDG process) and to get introduced to the Physical Flow accounts and Physical Assets accounts, using the UN System of Environmental Economic Accounting for Water.